I am an experienced and versatile contemporary dance artist(dancer & choreographer), with strong training in ballet, as well as flamenco, jazz, samba and tango.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, I have also studied and performed in London, Brussels, New York,  Sydney, Montreal and Ottawa.

I have appeared in dance shows, site-specific works and operas. I am currently based between Berlin (Germany) and Canada. In Berlin, current projects include starting a new interdisciplinary collective.


I thrive on working with dancemakers who are innovative, passionate and forward-thinking. I am inspired by artists who are brave, committed to taking risks and to advancing the dance form and taking it into undiscovered directions. As a dancer, I am committed to discovering the essence of their work, and to giving an honest and meaningful interpretation.

Having trained in dance and theatre and worked with a variety of dance artists, I am comfortable with learning choreography, improvising, working in structured improvisation to devise movement, and experimenting and performing with text.

ARTIST STATEMENT (choreographer):

As a choreographer, I am passionate about creating movement that bears both a kinaesthetic sensibility and an emotional resonance.  I am most interested by abstract movement, but I am also dedicated to going beyond form and finding the link to creating dance that is inventive, sophisticated and emotionally raw.

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