Wishing…. wanting…. almost…. finally

Performance of my new solo “Wishing…. wanting…. almost…. finally” in London. The piece was part of Resolution! The Place’s annual, new year open season for shorter dance works.

It’s a piece about desire, and how the things we want the most can give us the most ecstasy, but can also cause us the most pain

It’s about the risks we take and the choices we make to live the lives we want. The result is a story and movement that is sensual, raw and human. Deeply personal, and at times confessional, it’s a solo about finding my way.


In “Wishing… wanting… almost…. finally…” Jobina Bardai expresses the contradictions and joys of human desire. Latino and ambient music with voice-over evokes latent passions reflected by Bardai’s sexy red-and-black outfit. Bardai’s choreography progresses from balletic simplicity to frantic self-imposed restrictions, and finally finds expression in snaking arms and swaying hips, as she discovers her authentic self through a compromise of learned restraint and instinctive drive. What has she still to show us? We definitely want to see.

Sudstern Collective, Berlin, May 18th, 2013

NEW Video!

Sudstern Collective is an interdisciplinary creation and performance group of female artists, who develop movement-based work set to live music, for public spaces.

The group is made up of international women who met in Berlin, and are of various disciplines, backgrounds and interests.

The core group is made up of Jobina Bardai (contemporary dancer/choreographer), Anna Franken (tango singer), Aude Fondard (writer/actress/dancer), Lola Agostini (contemporary dancer/teacher choreographer) and Margret Schutz (dramaturg/dancer). Current guests include visual, performance and sound artists, as well as DJs.

Sudstern Collective is interested in the encounter between art and daily life: in bringing art into unusual spaces, to people who might not normally be exposed to it, and often when they least expect it. Their most recent work is “fremd / ajeno / étrange,” performed on 7 different U-Bahn lines across Berlin on May 18th.

For more information on Sudstern Collective, contact us at: http://www.sudsterncollective.blogspot.ca/

Stay tuned..

Please check here for updates and impressions on my life and work.

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