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I am a self-confessed foodie and a champion cocktail-connoisseur who is equally passionate about wines.

I love checking out restaurants and bars, tasting new dishes, sipping exotic concoctions, and then sharing the experiences with an audience.

I have spent six years working in the drinks industry, where the sexiest part of my job involved tasting, buying and marketing wines. I have completed my Advanced certification with the UK Wine & Spirit Education Trust. And I make a hobby out of visiting vineyards and learning as much as possible about winemaking and wine styles in order to round out my education.

I write for India’s top drinks and hospitality publications. I have also been a contributing writer for popular food and drink and style magazines in the UK.

Liquid (India’s top drinks magazine):

Bar Reviews

Henna Style (UK-wide women’s magazine):

*This article was shortlisted in the 2008 Young Wine Writer’s Award, sponsored by Circle of Wine Writers.

Tandoori (UK-based B2B publication for the ethnic restaurant sector):

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